Pokemon MASTER by Ace Sanchez
It is eleven years into the dark future. Join the new adventures of Ash and Pikachu and discover the changes that have left the world in ruins.... And discover the power of the Pokemon Masters... (Note: This fanfic contains violence and explicit language).

31st July 02: My webpage was deleted for some reason, so now I reuploaded it :(. Neway just a short update about what I've been doing. Part 13's end has been majorly improved, but it's still not quite finished. I just started a new job so that's cut my time down some. But I hope to get the final version done soon. Sayanara for now!

    PART 1 - Returns
The return of Ash... and perhaps he is the one who has changed the most...
    PART 2 - Reunions
The reunion of two loves ... or is that three? An unusual relationship is revealed...
    PART 3 - Remembrances
The remembrances that only contact can achieve... and more familiar faces.
    PART 4 - Rebellion
The Rebellion makes its plans ... but more importantly, what are the League's intentions?
    PART 5 - Rematch
The expedition through Mount Moon. What horrors await within? What is the mountain's terrible secret?
    PART 6 - Reactions
The atmosphere heats up as the Pokemon League react and bring their might to bear...
    PART 7 - Revelations
The plot is revealed as a familiar face shows his true self. And Misty must face up to the one thing she won't fight against...
    PART 8 - Repercussions
The destruction of the world is nigh. Witness the awesome power of the Forbidden...
    PART 9 - Restrictions
The Rebellion show their lack of trust against a former enemy ... but what happens when the real enemies arrive?
    PART 10 - Resentments
The world is a cold and lonely place ... A scorned woman shows just how cold the element of ice is...
    PART 11 - Regressions
The Indigo Plateau is near... but danger can come in all shapes and forms...
    PART 12 - Requiems
After the terrors of Victory Road, more await at Indigo City. Twisted relationships become unravelled (or tightened?).
    PART 13 - Resolutions
The Final Conclusion ... This is the end of ... Pokemon MASTER. Just as the shadow has many faces, mystery surrounds the storm...

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Pokemon Master Fanart
Here's some various Fanart people were kind enough to send me! If you want your own work on display on this page, don't hesitate to email me. I'll even put your link and contact details up too if you want... don't be shy now! Even if it's not coloured, if I'm not feeling particularly lazy, I can do it for you ^_^;;

By the way, if you liked any of the work displayed below at all, I'm sure the artists would all like a word of confidence or something ^_^. I've put their emails up for a reason! (and no it's not to mailbomb them! *_*).

Misty... the very first fanart I was sent so it has sentimental value ^_^
By Chibineptune8.
At  Splash!
A *very* cool pic by Vaporeon05. I guess PM really did need some more realistic art instead of me drawing the cutesy ones all the time.
By Vaporeon05
Another awesome pic by Vappy!
By Vaporeon05
Misty over Ash by Vaporeaon05 ... there's no stopping this artist =D
By Vaporeon05
By Acey
At right here

Click here for the rest of the fanart! (Lot's!)

Also, does anyone here like Pokemon the Card Game (TCG)? Try Ash Card 1 and Pikachu Card 1. I'll make more and better ones later *grin*.
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# People have been reading!

Yes, I'm an official Pokemon Trainer! Don't make fun of me!

DID YOU KNOW: Pokemon Master was the first major *Dark* Pokemon Fanfiction released on the Internet? It first appeared on the Fanfiction Mailing List (FFML) then this website over a year ago and immediately received shocked responses. Since then, the genre has exploded in popularity ... I think ^_^

DISCLAIMER: Pokemon and its associated characters owned by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. Mutilation of said characters are entirely my fault, but please don't attack me or anything. Any other characters were born from the twisted pits of my imagination and if it's possible to even hold a copyright on them, well consider them copyrighted :-). This story is made for non-profit purposes and for enjoyment only. All artwork is copyright their respective artists. Oh yeah, and the Ash pic used in the logo was a modified Kenshin pic I found totally cool ^_^.

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